The Lunch Box

$30 per person | Minimum 10ppl to book

The Lunch Box is our menu designed for daytime functions and events. Whether it's a birthday, lunch at the office or corporate event, this menu can serve all and everything in between.

Ordered on a per head basis, one person equals one of each menu item. Varying amounts of each item can be negotiated.

- Austin Midnight

Slow Braised Brisket, smoky sticky bbq sauce, Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese, dill pickles, pressed on Turkish bread. Gluten free on request.


- Good ol’Sausage Roll

House-made all butter puff pastry, locally sourced pork mince.


- Egg Pie a la Veg

All butter shortcrust pastry quiche, feta, broccoli caramelised onion. Gluten free on request.


- Drop Dead Bread

Sweet potato, thyme and manchego focaccia bread.


- Fromage Frittes

Deep fried haloumi fries, rosemary salt. Gluten free.


- Lean, Green ‘n’ Mean

Spinach, pickled fennel, peas, shaved zucchini, apple chunks, tangy chimichurri dressing. Gluten free.


- Coconut Rice

Coconut braised rice, pumpkin, beetroot, coriander, shallot. Gluten free.


- Antipasto board

Soppressata, Parma Ham, Red Leicester, Provolone, pitted olives, marinated capsicum.


- Fat boy donuts

Cinnamon donut balls, chocolate dip.

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