The Casual Catering Co. offers tailored menus for a wide range of occasions at an affordable price and will cater to any specific needs of the customer to ensure that everyone is catered for.



Everyone is different and it is more than understandable that some people are very cautious about what goes in their body, while others just require that little bit more attention to their food. We work with wonderful suppliers who source the best produce which allows us to go the extra mile in creating alternative dishes which are able to suit everybody or those very few. Notify us of any dietary requirements or allergies and we will look forward to adding something special to the menu to compensate so nobody misses out.

Feeding Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

Different menus for different occasions. We hope you find something to suit your culinary needs, from casual to.........more casual.  

You Call The Shots

The event is yours, and so is the food.  We work tirelessly to ensure complete quality in the service we provide to you the customer. We are so grateful to you for putting your faith in us to deliver, therefore if you have a dish (however big or small) which means something personal to you we would be happy to add it to the menu. We welcome any suggestions, everybody has favourites and it would be our pleasure to accommodate yours.

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