The Casual Catering Co.

The Service We Provide

You order it, we cook it, it's that simple. We hope to be very much part of your occasion in the fullest capacity we can.

Whether it's as straight forward as us cooking the food in one of our kitchens and bringing to your door... Or perhaps more attention is required, in which we also offer a service where a chef and team will come out with the portable equipment we have at our disposal to cater at your event with no extra cost.

The Business

The Casual Catering Co. is a family run catering business. We are stationed at Everton Park and aim to cater for the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas.

Our focus is in the name, casual catering. We aim to provide good food, made simple and more importantly made affordable. The gourmet aspects of our business are our service and experience, we leave the fancy pants in the restaurants and create good food, for the good times, at a good price. We cook for the occasion.

The Owner

My name is Joe Birtwistle. I am a chef of 12 years and have worked throughout a wide range of operations in the hospitality industry. My final job prior to starting The Casual Catering Co. was as a head chef in a busy Brisbane based cafe before I felt it was time to begin the next chapter.

As a British Chef I come from a place in which the profession limits you to only making good food in restaurants. The fine dining evening sector of the industry is king and what comes with it is ego and pretentiousness. 

Four years in Australia has opened my eyes to a laid back form of dining which allows good chefs to make great food outside of the restaurant. This is what I would like to incorporate into my business. I want to cater to the many, not the few.

Passion is a strong word, it indicates love and hate. I prefer to say that to me this isn't work, it's play.

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